VoIP For Business: How Can VoIP Help Boost Your Business

A strong marketing strategy is at the heart of every business. New and upcoming technologies are constantly disrupting industries and their day to day workflow. As a result, these new technologies offer new opportunities to improve your marketing strategy and rise above your competitors. VoIP phone systems NI are rising in popularity as many businesses realise the benefits it can offer. We are here to answer the question ‘How can VoIP  be used as a marketing tool?’ and how this can improve your overall business performance.

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How VoIP Can Be Used To Boost Your Businesses Bottomline


Playing Customised Marketing Messages While Callers Are On Hold

Companies usually play instrumental music while their callers are on hold, however this time can be used more wisely. Instead of playing repetitive music, you can record a customer marketing message that can be played to your callers. This can include calls to action and important information that will help them to learn more about your company and the services you offer.

These messages should be short and sweet, getting across your key products and messages. Short messages that are to the point will help to digest this information easier without overwhelming them with information.


Improve Your Employee Performance Through Call Recordings

One of the biggest advantages that business telecoms Northern Ireland can bring to your company is the insights you will have on your employee’s performances. For a company that focuses on sales performance and customer services, recording your calls will allow you to see where your customers pain points are and how they can be improved.

These recordings can offer insights into the number of calls your employees are taking, the length of their calls and how many times they let a call go to voicemail. Once you have gathered all of this data you can track the performance of your current and past marketing campaigns, review how well they are performing overtime and how the performance of the sales team are affecting them. Additional training can be offered if necessary to help convert more sales with callers.

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Stay Connected When You Are On The Move

When you increase your ad spend and set up new campaigns, new leads will start rolling in. This is where VoIP can come in handy. As these systems are not tied to a physical phone line, your employees are ready to answer potential customers at any time and at any location. 

As VoIP phone systems Northern Ireland are virtual, they can be added to as many devices as your team will need, including work phones and computers, home desktops, smartphones and laptops. All of these devices can be used to make and receive calls from any location, as long as you are connected to an internet connection. Whether you are out on the road, working from home or you are available after working hours, the family business of the year winners that nurture the telecommunications industry in Northern Ireland will make sure your employees are available to make and receive calls at any stage of the sales funnel.


Save Money For Your Business

Did you know that switching your business to VoIP can save up to 40% of your communications costs? The money saved can be used for other aspects of your business, including your marketing costs and staff training.

As all of your phone services will be hosted on the cloud, you can now save money on adding extra phone lines, repairs, or calling IT services to make simple updates to your phone systems. Another benefit to VoIP is that you can add extra numbers and remove numbers at no extra charge. This means you can remove members of your team who have moved on and add extensions for new team members without added stress.


At Barclay Communications we understand how important marketing is to a company, especially when you are trying to stand out from the competition within your industry. For more information on our VoIP services and how they can make a difference to your business get in touch with one of our experts today.

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