Trade In Your Old Handset

Handset Trade In

Why should you trade in old handsets?

Did you know? Up to 80% of a mobile handset is recyclable.

Do your bit for the environment by responsibly disposing of old hardware. Throwing them into landfills would be damaging to the environment as elements such as plastic take thousands of years to break down.

Reduce the potential cost of upgrading to a newer handset with money back when you recycle your old device.

Need quick cash? Handset recycling is a great way to release capital from an asset that is quickly depreciating. 

Ready to upgrade your old device?

Our team are here to bring you the best possible mobile packages. Whether you’re looking for the latest handset with unlimited data, calls and texts, you want a full business mobile estate or a SIM-only plan, we promise to offer you a competitive and fully-managed service. 

What our clients say

“The responsive service Barclay Communications provides has complimented our ability to quickly react to business changes, both from internal and external requests. For instance, if we need any new mobiles or service enhancements we just contact Barclays and they quickly sort it out for us, allowing us to get on with our jobs.”

“Since switching to Barclay Communications, we have seen a dramatic reduction in costs with no unexpected charges. I feel much more in control now and always well supported by the in-house support team.”

Bruce McDowall, General Manager at NTS

“After an extensive tender process, Barclay Communications came out well on top. This was mainly due to their exceptional customer service, market knowledge, clear pricing proposals and professionalism throughout the process.”

– Saul Johnstone, Buyer for AG Barr