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Business Telecoms Northern Ireland


Business Telecoms Northern Ireland

Remote Working – The Impact on Business Telecoms Northern Ireland

As we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel,  it may be time to start rethinking your business telecoms  as many Northern Ireland businesses have already boosted their bottom line with VoIP. There is no denying that Covid-19’s aftermath may be felt for months to come. One of which is the impact on how we choose to work. According to Forbes, statistics are beginning to indicate that as many as 74% of professionals expect remote working to become the standard. Only 3% of employees and entrepreneurs surveyed, said they would like to work full time in the office. Most people prefer some degree of flexibility.

Business Telecoms Northern Ireland – The Future is VoIP

In order to accommodate flexible working and new communication methods. Businesses all across Northern Ireland have been forced to adopt fully unified communication solutions. With VoIP you can give your employees the tools to work better, whether they are at their desk or working remotely. 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. When it comes to phone calls, the major benefit of the internet is the fact it is extremely cost-efficient for not only domestic calls but also international calls.

So, whether you’re a business that is looking to expand or you want more flexibility for your workers to operate from a remote location, a future-proof, VoIP phone system can improve how your employees communicate between themselves, your suppliers and most importantly, your customers.

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Benefits of VoIP

Cost Savings

Businesses could save up to 70% compared to using a traditional phone system. VoIP is cost-efficient for not only domestic calls but also international calls.


Whether you want to downsize or grow your business, VoIP gives you the flexibility to do both.

Remote Working

Keep your employees connected via video and voice calls, conferencing and instant messaging from anywhere. VoIP will allow you to take and place calls on any device as long as you have a good internet connection.

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