Angus Carers 

Business mobile & landline customer


Location: Scotland, Arbroath

Industry: Non-profit

Size: 25+ employees

About Angus Carers

Operating since 1995, Angus Carers provides support to unpaid carers in the Angus areas. With a mission to improve the quality of life for all carers in Angus, the organisation provides information and advice services which offer support to carers at an emotional, practical and social level.


Business challenges

  • COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were faced with various changes to how we operate. Our face-to-face appointments were no longer an option and we needed to find a way to provide our services to those that needed us.

  • ISDN switch-off

We were also aware of the changes to traditional telecoms, which we relied heavily on. The phasing out of the old landline services would have had a major impact on how we offered support to carers.



  • Helped to alleviate some of the stress on carers during the pandemic through frequent telephone contact sessions
  • Remote working capabilities are now available to staff
  • Video calling features enable face-to-face contact
  • Flexibility to control telephone system, including voicemails, direct dials and auto-attendants.

“We have found our Account Manager, Chris, to be very helpful and quick to respond to queries. He has been instrumental in getting to grips with the mobile contract.”

Would you recommend Barclay Communications?

To date we are very happy with the products and services provided by Barclay Communications.


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