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BT Have announced end of life for ISDN lines.

So what does that mean for your business?

isdn switch off

ISDN switch off – What does it mean?

ISDN is what you would have known as a traditional telephone system. Information travelling from point A to point B, along copper wires in the ground.

In November 2017 BT announced intentions of PSTN & ISDN switch off by 2025. This means the traditional phone systems currently being used will no longer operate after December 2025.

How will the ISDN switch off affect my business?

Last year, Openreach began its stop sell campaign in preparation for “The Big ISDN Switch Off.” This means businesses will no longer be able to purchase ISDN lines after the stop sell date, this differs depending on the region.

If your business is currently operating on a traditional ISDN system, now is a good time to start thinking about upgrading.

What are my alternatives before the ISDN switch off?

SIP/On-Prem System

If you have an existing on-premise system and are tied into a contract, SIP trunking is the best alternative for your business.

Using virtual phone lines, SIP can integrate with your existing on-premise telephone system, giving your business more flexibility to scale up or down instantly.

If you are looking at replacing you current on-premise system, we can supply fully manged call servers and SIP trunks. The possibilities are endless.

Hosted VoIP

If your business is coming close to the end of your contract and you no longer want an on-premise system, hosts VoIP could be the best solution. 

Hosted VoIP uses your businesses internet lines and hosted everything in the cloud, meaning maintenance and changes can be easily managed from a remote location.

Adding and removing users is quick and simple and management can report on live call statistics.

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