At Barclay Communications we provide business telecoms in Northern Ireland with pride, connecting businesses across the nation, we thought that understanding the difference between IT ad Telecommunications would be beneficial to expand on.


We know that technology is evolving at a rapid pace and we see this a lot in the Information Technology and Telecommunications sector in Northern Ireland.


Settling and understanding the difference between the two will put you in a better position with knowing how things work and what is expected in the future. 


To put it in simple terms, information technology is the exchange of data using computers, while telecommunications provides a way of communication between one person and another also using technology. 


As you can imagine, businesses rely deeply on the ability to collect and store data, and without telecommunication, they wouldn’t be able to communicate and be successful. 


Below we’re going to break down what exactly is Information Technology and what it does, and then get into Telecommunications and how the two are interlinked.


Information Technology

Information technology is where information is processed using:


  • Computers
  • Mobile Devices
  • The Internet
  • Networks


Electronic data can be:

  • Created
  • Processed
  • Stored
  • Secured
  • Exchanged


To gain information: data is processed in a pre-defined (program) manner to produce meaningful output from the computers. 


People working in IT are responsible for building communications networks for a company, creating databases and administering them and helping with the troubleshooting of any issues with computers or devices. 


The most important thing is to safeguard all the data, since that could include sensitive information that needs to be protected. Most larger companies have a strong professional team of information technology specialists that secure the information and systems.


Preventing leakage of information is now more important than ever with the ongoing hacking and spams, but with a skilled workforce in place, information will remain safe.



Telecommunications is as simple as it sounds, it first provides communication between just telephone, but has now evolved more and more. Nowadays, it also allows for communication through television, computers and radio. 


Telecommunications companies like Barclay Communications are using VoIP phone systems using a new cloud-based technology, helping businesses stay connected no matter where they are


Within the telecommunications industry, the following are used to create seamless communication:


  • LAN 
  • WAN
  • Internet 


Staying connected and being able to communicate quickly and efficiently has transformed the way many businesses operate, with the ability to access work from anywhere in the world. 


People no longer need to be in the office to be able to connect with their teammates, VoIP systems integrated with an app to make connections quicker. 


This not only creates a positive experience for employees, working in a technologically savvy environment, but has benefits in proficiency within the workplace.


So as you can see, both Information Technology and Telecommunications are co-related to each other and depend on each other for seamless operation.


Telecommunications can’t run without Information Technology and IT is dependent on telecom technology while both have created positivity within the growth of businesses around the world. (And made a better working environment for people). 


If your business is in need of a technological advancement, research more into telecommunications Belfast.


At Barclay Communications, we have invested heavily in building a team of IT and telecoms experts with years of experience who will guide you through your telecommunications  and IT needs and offer you the perfect solution.