In the heart of Bangor, Todd Navigation stands as a reliable ADMIRALTY Chart Distributor and nautical book seller, catering to both merchant shipping and the leisure market. Navigating the seas of business during and post-Covid presented unique challenges, especially with employees working remotely. The need for seamless communication became paramount, leading Todd Navigation to seek innovative solutions and explore VoIP and cloud-based phone systems further.

Requirements assessed in conjunction with the customer

Enter Barclay Communications, a trusted partner in business telecommunications. Todd Navigation’s journey with Barclay Communications began as they explored alternatives to their existing VoIP telephone system, which proved cumbersome for the new remote work landscape. Gerard Flynn, a specialist in VoIP and landline solutions at Barclay Communications, stepped in, visiting Todd Navigation’s office and providing a comprehensive overview of two cutting-edge “cloud” systems and their accompanying apps.

After careful consideration of Todd Navigation’s specific requirements, Gerard recommended the IPECS (LG/Ericsson) phone handsets and app. An online demo of the IPECS app, facilitated by Barclay’s Project Manager, further solidified the decision. Convinced that they had received expert advice, Todd Navigation signed the contract, initiating a seamless process that included a pre-install site survey, porting their main telephone number and three DDIs, and installation within a month.

Barclay’s installation engineer seamlessly implemented the new system in an afternoon, ensuring minimal disruption to Todd Navigation’s operations. The decision to choose Barclay Communications over other suppliers was not only influenced by their expertise but also their competitive pricing. The result? Todd Navigation now boasts brand new handsets, a modern VoIP cloud-based phone system, and, most importantly, the ability for office-based staff to effortlessly transfer calls between colleagues and home workers.


“We are very pleased with the service we received from Barclay Communications,” affirms Todd Navigation. The transformation brought about by Barclay Communications has not only streamlined communication but has also future-proofed Todd Navigation’s telecommunication infrastructure.

This success story showcases how a thoughtful approach to business telecommunications, coupled with exceptional customer support, can make a significant impact on a company’s operations. Making the switch to a VoIP phone system is certainly a sensible way to future proof your business.

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