The Telecommunications Shift in Northern Ireland

The pandemic brought about a huge shift in the way that we work, with the majority of the nation preferring the working from home model. As we evolve and enter this ‘new normal’, we notice that most people won’t have their own dedicated workspace, but that is not to say that you can’t have first rate connection to colleagues – we provide the leading solution of telecommunications, Northern Ireland wide and are connecting people across the nation.


We offer a huge variety of telecommunications services, providing you with the same advantages and connections as the traditional bricks and mortar businesses. No premises? No problem!


VoIP Phone Systems – Virtual Landline

Many people believe that having a landline number helps a company appear more ‘professional,’ and the good news is that you don’t need one if you don’t have a set address or if you have remote workers


We may provide you with a geographic number that reflects the location in which you work, as well as a freephone or national rate number, depending on your needs.


Incoming and outgoing calls are directed to your mobile device, allowing you to receive and make calls whenever and anywhere you want.


The new ‘landline’, making you accessible and able to work from any device, remotely, in office or on the go with some features including:


  • Forwarding calls to mobile devices


  • Call recording for training


  • Remote desk phone


  • One Voicemail for all options



There is no actual need for a physical and traditional desk phone, with teams able to communicate through applications on any device. 


Traditional Phone System

There are a range of offerings that we provide, one of them being that the traditional handsets, are delivered to remote locations for your employees and they all connect directly back to your main system through an internet connection.


Call Forwarding

Incoming calls are obviously important to businesses, be that for enquiries or simply clients hoping for an update on the progress of their work. We offer inbound call redirecting to one of multiple mobile devices, depending on your needs. 


We work with the UK’s largest VoIP providers on a large scale which allows us to bring telecommunications to Northern Ireland at great prices for businesses.


The telecommunications shift in Northern Ireland is set to continue, so if you are interested in improving or investing in business landline deals or VoIP systems to boost your workforce and productivity, then get in touch today and speak to an expert in telecommunications based in Northern Ireland. 


We are proud to support local businesses in getting the best business landline deals and VoIP phone systems in NI.

What our clients say

“Dealing with the team at Barclay Communications is an enjoyable process. It was refreshing to be able to say ‘here’s my problem’ and have them respond with ‘we’ll fix it for you’.”

– Christopher Milligan, Group Systems and Infrastructure Manager at Tayto

“Since switching to Barclay Communications, we have seen a dramatic reduction in costs with no unexpected charges. I feel much more in control now and always well supported by the in-house support team.”

Bruce McDowall, General Manager at NTS

“After an extensive tender process, Barclay Communications came out well on top. This was mainly due to their exceptional customer service, market knowledge, clear pricing proposals and professionalism throughout the process.”

– Saul Johnstone, Buyer for AG Barr