NI Based, DK Solicitors, Benefit from a Year Worth of Free VoIP Services

Offering straightforward, no-nonsense legal advice, DK Solicitors, works to help people with their legal queries across a number of areas. Operating from three offices in Ballynahinch, Castlewellan and Belfast, the firm has been serving the Northern Ireland population since 2019.

The business reached out to Barclay Communications after seeing online that it was offering an incentive for 12 months of free landline services through its Barclay Backing Business Grant.

An existing mobile customer, DK Solicitors is familiar with the excellent customer service provided by the team at Barclay’s, therefore choosing to upgrade its traditional landline to VoIP through the same company was an easy decision. Add a free initial 12 months, with no clauses to renew at the end made it a no brainer.

Having all business telecoms through one provider proves much more effective in terms of understanding the company’s structure and operations. Having operated for over 25 years, Barclay Communications is knowledgeable in customer experience and delivering cutting-edge solutions with a talented team of experts to build, manage and maintain these.

Before the upgrade, the team at DK Solicitors communicated via traditional landlines and mobiles. The switch to VoIP Northern Ireland meant they could now integrate these together, communicate on the move and benefit from a host of new features including call recording and a user-friendly customer portal where they can make instant changes to the setup.

The new cloud-hosted VoIP system means users can transfer calls across multiple sites and to mobile devices, giving their clients an overall better service experience.

When asked how the free landline services have helped its business, DK Solicitors said, “It has saved us money.” The goal of Barclay’s when offering the grant was to help businesses that had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. By taking the burden of telecoms costs off business, they are able to use this money elsewhere, helping them to get back on their feet after a tough few years.

Founder and Managing Director of Barclay Communications, Britt Megahey, has made a point of helping local businesses, emphasising the importance of sticking together in these unexpected circumstances.

“The Barclay Backing Business Grant is just one of our new corporate social responsibility initiatives that we hope will support our peers in the NI business community. It’s important that businesses support each other as much as possible at this time.”

The grant was open to all Northern Businesses of any size and involved an online application process in which applicants were asked to give details on how they benefit from receiving 12 months of free landlines.

Having experienced a seamless installation, DK Solicitors said they would highly recommend Barclay Communications to other businesses as a reliable and cost-effective telecoms provider.

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What our clients say

“Dealing with the team at Barclay Communications is an enjoyable process. It was refreshing to be able to say ‘here’s my problem’ and have them respond with ‘we’ll fix it for you’.”

– Christopher Milligan, Group Systems and Infrastructure Manager at Tayto

“Since switching to Barclay Communications, we have seen a dramatic reduction in costs with no unexpected charges. I feel much more in control now and always well supported by the in-house support team.”

Bruce McDowall, General Manager at NTS

“After an extensive tender process, Barclay Communications came out well on top. This was mainly due to their exceptional customer service, market knowledge, clear pricing proposals and professionalism throughout the process.”

– Saul Johnstone, Buyer for AG Barr