Dress Down for Families with Ups & Down 


For the past 6 months, Barclay Communications have been running “Dress Down Fridays” in order to raise money for various charities across Northern Ireland.

Each quarter we select a charity that has a close connection to our employees. This time it was Families with Ups & Downs – a charity that is very close to staff member, Caoimhe Magorrian (right).

Families with Ups & Downs was started by 3 Belfast based families that had children and young adults with Down Syndrome. The charity has now grown to involve more than 75 families. At twelve weeks pregnant, 29 year Laura Denny (centre) from Belfast was told that her baby had Down Syndrome. She was told her baby was also very unwell and had a zero percent chance of survival. Last year Laura pitched at a Community Foundation crowdfunding event for support on behalf of Families with Ups and Downs saying,

“My zero percent chance of survival baby is called Nathan.”

“As a young mum in my twenties, I was in shock, I’d always thought that Down Syndrome was something which only affected older mothers. But I came across Families with Ups and Downs who guided me and introduced me to another young mum in a similar position and I haven’t looked back since being introduced to the group.”

Laura says that the group has offered her and Nathan fantastic support, so much so that she was determined to share her story.

We are so grateful to be able to give back to local charities that have significantly impacted on the lives of our staff. Thank you to all our employees who generously donate each week.