Leading Business Telecoms

Take your business to the next level with Barclay Communications,  the leader in telecommunication Northern Ireland, we offer great telephone system and business landline deals in NI. Whether you’re a business that is looking to expand or you want more flexibility for your workers to operate from a remote location, a future-proof phone system can improve how your employees communicate between themselves, your suppliers and most importantly, your customers. 

#1 Ranked Business VoIP in Belfast

Cloud-based business phone systems in Belfast revolutionise the way that businesses interact with each other and with their customers. The world comes together to do business in Belfast, but your customers could be anywhere. While Covid-19 caused us to locate remotely, we still needed to find a way to keep our businesses afloat working from home. When another unprecedented event occurs, do you want your business to go down because of  it? With reliable VoIP from Barclays Communications, your phone calls can route even if you’re working remotely.

Personalised Solutions

Barclays Communications offers VoIP calling in Belfast, Northern Ireland, however, our services are so much more than that. We help to deliver phone and video conferencing features that seamlessly integrate with the businesses operations.  You can access your services from smartphones, tablets, computers and desk phones you already have without expensive equipment. 


If you’re interested in our telephone system, be sure to get in touch for a VoIP Quote