2023 VoIP Trends: What Can We Expect?

As we all get one year closer to the inevitable ISDN (traditional) switch-off in 2025, we wanted to look at what we can expect to see in 2023 for VoIP and how businesses are adopting a new way of communication. 

2022 has seen businesses sit up and pay attention to the use of this new technology with record numbers of businesses adopting a VoIP solution. VoIP itself also had some significant improvements last year. With BT announcing endless stop-sells in cities throughout the UK, the development of major VoIP platforms surged as did the reliability of the services with the rollout of 5G.

So, what trends can expect to see in 2023? Let’s take a look.

Smaller businesses adopting VoIP

This year, the idea that VoIP is only for large businesses and corporations is out the window. VoIP suppliers have developed solutions that are ideal for smaller businesses which are cost-effect, reliable and simple to install. 

VoIP’s scalability means it’s ideal for any size of business from start-ups to multi-site companies. Another benefit is that as you grow, VoIP grows with you. New users are easily added or removed to help keep costs to the essentials. 

AI plays a bigger role in distributing incoming calls and messages

Automated intelligence (AI) shows no sign of slowing down and has made its way to VoIP solutions. People now expect responses instantly and so the introduction of AI to automatically identify and distribute incoming messages to service reps is a welcomed improvement. The development means that inbound queries can now be classified and assigned based on agent competency, urgency and skillset. 

Businesses moving to an omnichannel service

People communicate in so many different ways, and calling is a small percentage of this. Think of the ways you communicate; texts, calls, social media, instant messaging, video calling, email, and the list goes on. So why do we expect customers to only communicate with us through calls or emails? 

VoIP now allows businesses to talk to their customers across multiple platforms. A keyword for 2023 is accessibility. Being where your customers mean giving an outstanding customer experience every time.

Higher exceptional levels of customer service

It’s no secret that customers expect more from their suppliers. 24/7 support, faster response times and instant resolutions. Traditional communication often limited the abilities of service reps, however, with VoIP technology, team managers get access to heaps of data including time spent on calls, number of missed calls and amount of incoming messages. This way they can appoint additional resources if necessary to meet rising expectations. 

Hybrid /remote working is now cemented as the new norm

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that 2023 is the year when COVID isn’t the main topic of conversion in every social setting. It has however left a lasting mark on the world of work or more specifically where people work. 

Most job adverts now display a hybrid or remote badge, showing they are flexible between the office and home working meaning the need for VoIP has skyrocketed. It means employees are available to take customer support queries at home as easily as they would in the office. Softphone apps link a mobile device to your office number so you’re never out of touch.

Language recognition

This year, global organisations will find it easier to personalise customer experiences based on language. VoIP’s new voice recognition features will enable call routing to the correct reps according to the language they are using. Some solutions allow call routing for 70+ languages and this is only set to grow. 

So, was can we take from these 2023 VoIP trends? Our biggest takeaway is the importance of customer experiences. Personalisation is key and VoIP allows you to do this effectively with its advanced features. Providing customers with ways of communicating through various channels at any time is now an expectation and if businesses fail to adopt this they may get left behind. 

We’re excited to see what 2023 VoIP trends emerge!

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