Windows 11 Has Arrived

Microsoft’s latest variant of the worlds’ best-selling operating environment. The Windows 11 operating system will be remembered for bringing Windows to the modern age, thanks to its updated design and better ways to discover and download apps. Its redesigned theme and fresh-looking apps go hand in hand with an improved touch interface. Power users will appreciate the updates almost as much as casual users. Windows 11 is free for anyone who meets the system requirements set by Microsoft.

Gadgets are also back for Windows 11, but are now called ‘Widgets’. These are found in their own section, similar to macOS, so you can’t freely place them on your desktop. Swipe from the left-hand side of the screen brings them up, and they do their job for bite-sized information at a glance.

A big plus for Windows 11 is a new focus on Accessibility. It’s called ‘Accessibility’ instead of ‘Ease of Use’, which paradoxically could be a confusing name, but that’s just the start for Windows 11. New options for audio alerts for visually-impaired users can now notify when a message box appears, an update is available and much more.

This is the first release of many to come for Windows 11, and based on what it brings, it’s a fantastic start. Fluent Design is a great successor to the Metro look that’s been prevalent since Windows 8, and it brings the style and colour scheme of Windows to the modern age.


Upgrade to Windows 11