What VoIP Phone Features Benefit your Business the Most?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems allow businesses to use internet connections instead of traditional telephone lines. They’re often cheaper than traditional phone services, and they offer many features that aren’t available on standard landline phones.

Call Recording

One of the most popular features of VoIP phones is call recording. This allows you to record calls made through your system to listen back later and learn what went wrong during an interaction with a customer. It’s also helpful when training new employees because you can play back recordings of conversations to help trainees improve their communication skills.

The best feature of call recording is that it doesn’t require additional equipment. You simply plug your phone into your computer via USB cable and then download the software onto your PC. Once installed, you can access the call recording function from anywhere.

Softphone App

A softphone app is a software application that runs on a computer or mobile device. These apps allow users to work from anywhere which means there is no need for additional hardware costs.
The Gamma Horizon softphone app allows users to interact and communicate seamlessly through instant messaging, video conferencing and direct dialling. These calls are also recorded through the VoIP software and are very secure.


Reception IVR

If you own a business with multiple locations or various departments, then you need to consider how to manage incoming calls. You’ll also need to ensure that employees are able to answer calls quickly and efficiently. An integrated call centre solution will help you do both.
IVRs help direct customers to the right person or place. The first thing you should know about reception IVR systems is that they’re designed to be used by businesses that want to provide a better customer service experience. These systems are often used by companies that offer services such as telemarketing, customer support, and sales. In addition, they’re also useful for handling large volumes of calls from clients and customers.

Advanced Call Reporting

A call centre solution will allow you to monitor incoming calls and provide real-time reports to help you understand what’s happening with your customers. It will also give you the ability to analyse call data so you can identify trends and improve customer service.

By reporting on calls, you have accurate and real-time data to make more informed decisions about the direction your business should be taking. You should be able to see who called, when they called, and why they called. If you’re using a hosted VoIP phone system, then you’ll want to know if there were any issues with the connection, whether the caller hung up before speaking, and if the call lasted longer than expected. With a call centre solution, you’ll be able to see exactly what happened during each call, which will help you troubleshoot problems and improve customer service.



When you can’t accept a call, under any conditions, voice message prompts the client to state something in your nonattendance that you can tune in to later.
Voicemail Service in VoIP has two main functions – the first is to answer phone calls and the other is sending a message to a user’s mailbox rather than calling him up first. The voicemail feature in a virtual number stores voice messages electronically and is seen as the upgraded version of an answering machine that a voicemail service provider offers the user. A VoIP voicemail number can, therefore, retrieve such messages with a PC or system phone, or deliver the messages as an e-mail.

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