VoIP For Business Vs VoIP For Consumer

What is VoIP?

Put simply VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) is the transfer of voice data via the internet. It’s faster, cheaper, and involves much less maintenance than the traditional ISDN and PSTN phone systems people would normally use.

Types of VoIP solutions

There is a range of options when looking for a VoIP solution. This may depend on your usage, size of business or in-house resources.

As consumers, you have most likely been using VoIP and you don’t even know it. The likes of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Skype, all use VoIP. In these cases, people use the internet to make a phone call rather than a landline.

However, if you are running a business, your use of VoIP will be different to how you would use the solution personally.

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VoIP for Business Vs VoIP for Consumer – IVR Set-Up

How are you currently managing your incoming calls to the business? Traditionally, most businesses direct all incoming calls to the receptionist who then directs them to the correct department within the company. This puts a lot of pressure on one or two people and calls often drop off due to long hold times.

Using VoIP for business purposes enables you to set up an IVR (interactive voice response) which is an automated solution that allows incoming callers to access information on the relevant department via a pre-recorded message which directs them automatically to the person or department they need to speak with. This improves customer experience by reducing hold times and getting the information they need faster and easier.

VoIP for Business Vs VoIP for Consumer – Call recording

Depending on the sector or industry your business operates in, you may be required legally to record all calls. Have you ever called a company and you get the automated message, “these calls are recorded for training and monitoring proposes”? This is an example of VoIP being used for business call recording.

VoIP for Business Vs VoIP for Consumer – Call Reporting

Business owners tend to make operational changes based on data. You manage what you measure as the saying goes. A VoIP system allows businesses to report on things like on-hold times, the number of incoming or outgoing calls, drop-off rates, missed calls and call length. This information makes every process change justified and beneficial. As a business, your goal is to have happy customers and generate more happy customers, i.e. new business. VoIP makes this easier.

What is the difference between VoIP for business and VoIP for consumers?

It’s clear that businesses have different goals and objectives than personal VoIP users. Businesses are focused on improving their operations, compliance and creating a positive and memorable customer experience.

Personal VoIP users are looking for fast and reliable connections, usually free solutions and the ability to communicate on the go. While businesses may also seek this from their VoIP solutions the focus is more on how the system can improve the business.

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