VMO2: No Data Deduction on Economic Advice Sites

Virgin Media o2 has announced it will no longer deduct data from your allowance when visiting sites that help people in economic distress to aid struggling families in the UK.

Just after the introduction of the cheapest social tariffs by Virgin Media O2, it has further extended its support to help low-income families.

It includes fuel poverty, debt advice, and financial support organisations to the list of initiatives- and customers of O2 and Virgin Media can access websites such as National DebtlineBusiness DebtlineTurn2us, Debt Advice Foundation and National Energy Action without using any of their mobile data allowances.

Virgin media O2 recently revealed that two-thirds of low-income households fear running out of data, and half of those said they could not afford to buy more if they ran out. Ofcom also claims that data poverty is an issue for around two million households in the UK.

The provider was the first to create a National Databank to tackle data poverty. Now, as an extension, customers can access these sites without using their data and get trusted and impartial advice to manage their finances and clear their debts.

Jane Tully, director of external affairs and partnerships at the Money Advice Trust, the charity that runs National Debtline and Business Debtline, said: “Ensuring people are able to receive free, independent advice they need is more important than ever. This is a positive step and should make access to a range of support websites even easier.”