Local electrical and mechanical engineering company, AG Electrical has saved money, countless hours of admin work and generated greater profits all while completely scraping their paper based system.

WorkPal is a mobile and desktop app which streamlines workflow, with job management, time tracking, job reports and invoicing all from the palm of your hand.


Mobile workers have access to customised job sheets from the mobile app, can be guided through their task and have the ability to report back instantaneously on the progress. Once a job is completed, WorkPal allows for speedy invoicing, even from out in the field. The end-to-end process management ensures that the accounts department is completely integrated with field workers and everyone in between.


WorkPal’s customisable reporting tool allows AG Electrical to create reports in minutes, rather than days. With no need for paper reports AG Electrical is able to carry out risk assessments and vehicle checks all on the app, saving time for workers and management.


Adam Gilmore, Managing Director at AG Electrical said:


“WorkPal has transformed the way we operate at AG Electrical, from job scheduling to invoicing; everything is more efficient, allowing us to spend more time developing our business and less time trawling through paper work.


“We’ve used the system for less than two months and have already noticed a huge difference to the way our company operates, dramatically reducing the time we spend on admin.


“The transition from our old paper based system was seamless thanks to WorkPal’s dedicated project management team. From data import and form building right up to team training, the WorkPal team guided us through every step- I couldn’t go back to a paper based system now!”


Ian Megahey, Head of Sales at WorkPal said:


“WorkPal is extremely user-friendly and with completely bespoke packages available, it can be uniquely integrated with a company’s own internal systems.


“AG Electrical was using a number of paper-based forms for each job, the delay in getting job reports and information back to the office, as well as the time taken for data re-entry was proving inefficient and expensive. WorkPal was able to transform how the company works by allowing them to track data in real time and invoice customers immediately, as well as including any risk assessment and vehicle checks required on the app.


“With GPS, time tracking and management, WorkPal increases productivity and gives clients an accurate method of capturing costs, putting an end to under billing or under estimating job times by improving quotes. Logged job times and breakdowns of reports create both added value for client’s customers and a more transparent experience.


“Businesses have saved up to £25,000 per year in administration costs, allowing the money to be put back into the business.”


For more information on how WorkPal can transform your business and put an end to your paper work, contact one of the WorkPal team on 028 9027 1777, info@yourworkpal.com or visit yourworkpal.com

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