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Annual price change

Every year the prices of our products are adjusted in line with the Consumer Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation.

We work out our price changes based on the CPI rate published at the beginning of each year plus 3.9%. The rate of CPI for 2022 is 5.4%. This means that some of our products will experience an increase of 9.3% (5.4% + 3.9%).

What is Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

CPI is a measure of the change in prices for consumers on average across the country over the past 12 months. The Office for National Statistics published the CPI rate based on household spending across the UK.

How will it affect me?

Cloud-hosted licenses and calls will not be affected by the CPI price increases.

You will have been notified of this increase. CPI increases take effect from March 2022 however will not appear on your bill until May 2022. 

See below for impacted services.

Broadband Services

If you are a Barclay broadband or ethernet customer your price will increase by 9.3% in line with CPI.

Tradtional Analogue Services

If you have traditional analogue services such as PSTN or ISDN lines your price will increase by 9.3% in line with CPI.

This will impact the below:

  • Line rental
  • All calling plans
  • Calling features
  • Out-of-bundle calling rates and call set-up fees
  • International call add-ons


Looking to upgrade to a hosted landline solution to avoid CPI increases?

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Why are we increasing prices? 

We are committed to future-proofing businesses’ communications infrastructure, offering you the latest and most reliable solutions on the market with unbeatable customer service.

Providing future-proof solutions

We will continue to develop our product offerings through strategic and meaningful partnerships with the industry’s leading providers. 

Delivering the best service

Our teams are dedicated to offering customers a service that exceeds expectations and supports them at every level. We are committed to regular training and development of staff on all products supplied by The Barclay Group.

Should you require any additional help please contact our service team at support@barclaydigitalservices.co.uk