Running, Walking, Crawling for Suicide Prevention


The Barclay Communications and WorkPal staff have pulled together to run a total of 78.6 miles all in aid of suicide and self harm prevention. 15 of our fantastic employees will take part in the Belfast City Marathon relay race on Monday 7th May 2018. Our chosen charity? PIPS - a suicide and self harm [...]

5 ways to better protect your phone


  To help you protect your important data, we’ve listed out 5 ways that will make your phone more secure and protect it against malicious attacks.   Update your software Software updates aren’t designed to be a mild inconvenience, they are there to fix bugs or patches within the software. Usually software updates are designed [...]

10 ways to improve your android phone’s battery life


Smartphone battery performance can vary depending on make or model and even on the apps you use. Smartphone users will know that unless they close off dormant apps they used earlier in the day, it can cause the battery to drain quicker. But what else can we do to keep our battery life healthy? Check [...]

5 Business Apps to make your life easier in 2016


Now into our second working week of 2016, Christmas and New Year seems nothing more than a distant memory. As we start to gain momentum again, here are our top 5 business apps that will help you save time, money and even the odd headache in 2016!   1. Box What is it for? Box [...]