Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use VoIP

At Barclay Communications, we understand that you might be content with your current business phone system. It’s straightforward – it makes calls, receives them, and that’s pretty much it. But is that really enough in today’s fast-paced business world? The truth is, the shift towards cloud computing and its related services is becoming more pronounced by the day. While many businesses have already made the leap, a few are still weighing up options, especially when it comes to their phone systems. The fact that you’re here shows you’re open to exploring these innovative technologies. Here’s some great news: it’s not too late to get on board. Despite the rapid evolution of technology, cloud phone systems, especially VoIP phone systems for small business, have proven to be future-proof.

So, what sets a VoIP system apart from traditional analog or on-premises phone systems? Let’s dive into the superior power of VoIP.

Enhanced Feature Set

Until the day arrives when we’re all communicating via futuristic brain-link technologies, cloud phone systems stand as the pinnacle of communication tech. The reason? VoIP phone systems are continually evolving, thanks to programmatic upgrades.
What exactly does this mean?
At Barclay Communications, we pride ourselves on forming direct partnerships with leading suppliers, enabling us to access cutting-edge technologies. This collaboration allows us to innovate and enhance our VoIP platforms, focusing on maximising efficiency, bolstering security, and ensuring scalability. Our innovative solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly over the internet, with updates typically scheduled during off-peak hours to avoid disrupting your business operations. This approach ensures that your team experiences enhanced functionality without any interruption to your daily workflow.

Our extensive toolkit, which includes advanced APIs, SDKs, and virtualisation technologies, empowers us to leverage sophisticated tech stacks. This capability leads to the development of revolutionary features, far surpassing the limitations of traditional analogue systems, and propelling your communications into the future.

For instance, our VoIP systems offer functionalities like:

  • Choosing which of your phone numbers to display for each call? Absolutely.
  • Unlimited concurrent calls, whether you’re using laptops, phones, or even iPads.
  • The ability to make administrative changes from anywhere globally in just seconds.

If your current business phone system is limited to just making and receiving calls, you’re missing out on a world of advanced, cutting-edge features. VoIP isn’t just about calls; it’s about transforming how your business communicates.

Leveraging Software Integrations with VoIP

VoIP’s software-based nature opens up a world of integration possibilities with various other robust tools and platforms. This means that your VoIP system can seamlessly blend with a range of SaaS platforms, your preferred sales CRM, or even comprehensive software ecosystems like Microsoft 365 and Teams. This integration not only extends but also enhances the overall functionality of your cloud phone system.

So, what’s the solution for businesses? The answer lies in integrating an easy way to communicate with multi-party participants, HD video conferencing, online meetings, instant messaging, real-time note taking and document sharing of Teams with a robust cloud phone system backend, like Barclay Communications.

This combination allows businesses to leverage the best aspects of both platforms, the collaborative efficiency of Teams and the comprehensive telephony capabilities of a cloud-based VoIP system. This integrated approach ensures that VoIP phone systems for small business have a versatile and powerful communication tool that meets both internal and external communication needs.

Creating a Unified Branded Caller Experience

Cloud phone systems, particularly those utilising VoIP technology, are instrumental in reinforcing and unifying your company’s branding. This is achievable because VoIP allows organisations to manage phone numbers, call flows, and various other aspects from a centralised dashboard. As a result, any company-wide changes to branding or messaging can be implemented instantly and uniformly across all departments.

This streamlined approach ensures that every customer interaction, regardless of the department or staff member they engage with, is consistent with your brand’s messaging and ethos. Such uniformity in branding and customer experience is not just a minor detail; it significantly enhances the perceived professionalism of your company.

In today’s competitive and demanding market, presenting a cohesive and professional brand image through every customer touchpoint, including phone interactions, is crucial. VoIP’s flexibility and central control capabilities make this not just possible, but effortlessly manageable.

Cost-Effective VoIP Setup

One of the most appealing aspects of cloud phone systems, especially for new or growing businesses, is their affordability compared to traditional physical systems.

Starting a business comes with numerous costs, and efficient communication is a necessity. VoIP phone systems for small business stand out in this regard due to their significantly lower setup costs. Unlike on-premises phone systems, which demand substantial investment in physical equipment and the expertise of specialised engineers for installation, VoIP systems eliminate these requirements.

The key to VoIP’s cost-effectiveness lies in its cloud-based nature. The central components of a VoIP system are hosted on servers, which are maintained and financed by the service provider. This arrangement means the provider absorbs the bulk of the infrastructure costs, rather than the business.

Furthermore, operating servers at scale is generally more economical than designing, manufacturing, and installing physical hardware components for each system. This efficiency allows providers to offer VoIP services at more affordable rates. For businesses, this translates to accessing a high-quality, professional phone system without the hefty price tag typically associated with traditional phone systems.

Scaling Your Business

As your business expands, having a phone system that can effortlessly scale to match your growth is crucial. It’s important that the costs associated with this scalability are reasonable and proportional to your growth.

Cloud-based phone systems address this need perfectly. By hosting switchboard functionalities in the cloud, service providers offer unparalleled flexibility. This setup allows you to manage call routes, add or remove users, modify extensions, and adjust other components of your phone system swiftly and remotely.

Such flexibility means that as your business requirements change, your phone system can adapt in real-time, without the need for complex installations or expensive hardware upgrades. This capability is vital for growing businesses that need a reliable communication system that evolves with them.

Join Us at Barclay for Enhanced Business Communications

At Barclay Communications, our expertise lies in assisting businesses of various sizes to revolutionise their communication strategies. We specialise in harnessing the capabilities of VoIP phone systems for small businesses, helping them enhance efficiency and secure new opportunities.

If you’re interested in elevating your business communications to the next level, we’re here to help. Feel free to reach out to us today for VoIP phone systems for small business and start your journey towards a more connected and efficient business environment.

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