Out of Bundle

Each year your Rental Charges will be increased by the RPI rate of inflation announced in February, plus 3.9%. If RPI is negative, we’ll only apply 3.9%.

Some extras won’t be included in your mobile bundle. These extras will be charged as out-of-bundle. You can see a list of out-of-bundle charges in the table below.

Calls to other O2 MobilesFree Of Charge
Calls to landlines (01, 02 & 03)30p per minute
Calls to other UK mobiles30p per minute
Calls to 0800 & 0808 numbersFree Of Charge
Calls to 05 numbers30p per minute
Picture messages25p per message
GSM WAP30p per minute
SMS12p per message
Data2p per MB
Access + Service charges£1.56 per minute
Calls to 07 & 01 numbers )Isle of Man/Jersey)51p per minute
International Call to EU12.5p per minute
International Call to USA/Canada78.1p per minute
International Call to Rest of World£1.56 per minute
International (Roaming) SMS to EU31p per SMS
International (Roaming) SMS to USA/Canada & RoW31p per SMS
UK to International SMS41p per SMS
World Traveller Service (WTS)£4.37 per day
Roaming in Europe Zone 2 (WTS)£4.37 per day
On Net, Cross Network, Landline & Voicemail40.6p per minute
SMS12.5p per SMS
Data2.5p per MB
Standard UK Picture Message40.6p per SMS
Standard UK Video Message40.6p per SMS
Video Calling to any Vodafone UK Mobile40.6p per second
Video Calling to other UK Mobile Networks40.6p per second
Call Return (over 3600 seconds)40.6p per minute
Call Return Landline40.6p per minute
Call Return Cross Network40.6p per minute
Call Return Personal Number Service40.6p per minute
0844 & 0870 Numbers40.6p per minute
0845 & 0870 Numbers40.6p per minute
Radio-paging Services (starting 076)40.6p per minute
Personal Number Services (starting 070)40.6p per minute
Call Forwarding Services (e.g. 07744 & 07755)40.6p per minute
Premium Call Access Charge40.6p per minute
Directory Enquiries Access Charge40.6p per minute

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