Barclay Communications Becomes Nokia Partner to Bring Robust Communications Solutions to the B2B Market.

Barclay Communications has become a Nokia Partner in a bid to provide the B2B telecoms market with more robust, reliable and affordable communications solutions.

Regarded as one of the first major mobile suppliers, Nokia made a disruptive and prominent impact on the telecoms market in the late 00’s. Since then the mobile giant has been working tirelessly to improve its presence in the market once again. With a focus on the B2B market, Nokia has made changes to its products in a bid to bridge the gap between premium and basic suppliers, offering businesses a niche of handsets that are robust, affordable and ideal for business use.

The new range of Nokia mobiles will allow B2B customers to benefit from high spec models at affordable prices, giving businesses the ability to scale and supply their operations accordingly. The Nokia brand, well-known for its reliability, will give businesses the confidence that their staff are equipped with the right hardware.

Dan Manser, Business Development Manager at Nokia says, “We are delighted with this partnership. Barclay Communications’ base of customers are ideal Nokia users and we have seen a huge uplift. The team at Barclay Communications pride themselves in how they service their customers; something we echo at Nokia and are delighted to see them showcase our range to the B2B market.”

John Roulston, Sales Director at Barclay Communications explains, “As a disruptive mobile provider in the B2B market, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to service our customers. Providing industries with the right hardware and connectivity is essential and it’s why businesses all across the UK have chosen us as their telecoms supplier. We work with some of the world’s leading mobile suppliers. Our customers already benefit from our successful partnerships with Google, Apple, Samsung and Sony, becoming a Nokia partner will add more choice in the mid-range market”

Barclay Communications is one of the UK’s leading B2B telecoms providers working with companies of all sizes that span a range of industries including the public, private and tertiary sector. Its bespoke offerings of communication solutions including business mobiles, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), IT services and in-house mobile workforce management software, means it can provide businesses with a full suite of unified communication packages from a single supplier.


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What our clients say

“Dealing with the team at Barclay Communications is an enjoyable process. It was refreshing to be able to say ‘here’s my problem’ and have them respond with ‘we’ll fix it for you’.”

– Christopher Milligan, Group Systems and Infrastructure Manager at Tayto

“Since switching to Barclay Communications, we have seen a dramatic reduction in costs with no unexpected charges. I feel much more in control now and always well supported by the in-house support team.”

Bruce McDowall, General Manager at NTS

“After an extensive tender process, Barclay Communications came out well on top. This was mainly due to their exceptional customer service, market knowledge, clear pricing proposals and professionalism throughout the process.”

– Saul Johnstone, Buyer for AG Barr