Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Launching today, O2 are enhancing their O2 travel proposition to include voice and texts as well as data as part of their package. And from April 28th, O2 will be reducing the pricing of their standard pay as you use rate in Europe thanks to new EU regulations.


Travel plan comparrissions

For O2 business customers using their phones in Europe, they can now send and receive calls and texts for free*

*Triggers £1.66 daily charge and subject to a Fair Use Policy of 120 mins / 120 texts per day. Calls outside the EU will not trigger daily charge and will be charged standard rates for that call.


Benefits of the new O2 Travel Plan:

  1. Ease of use
    Use your mobile device as you would at home, with calls and texts to the UK and in Europe included and a day’s worth of data all included within your daily charge.


  1. Control
    You only incur a £1.66 daily charge when you make a call, send a text or use more than 50kb of data. Calls and texts to UK and in Europe will be included up to a FUP of 120mins or 120 texts a day (99.5% of customers use less than this each day). You know exactly what you’re paying to use your phone in Europe.


  1. Flexibility
    Works in more countries than the EU. Need more than 50MB data without traffic management? You can text More Data to 23336 and get a further 50MB without traffic management.

How to add O2 Travel to your tariff:

If you don’t already have O2 Travel or are currently using the My Europe Extra Tariff, please contact your Barclay Communications Account Manager or call 028 9096 0366 to discuss further.