Langley Holdings Plc

Business mobile customer

Location: Global

Industry: Engineering & manufacturing

Size: 5,000+ employees


About Langley Holdings

Family-owned business, Langley Holdings plc, is a globally operated, multi-disciplined engineering and industrial manufacturing organisation specialising in capital equipment technologies to diverse markets around the world.

The business houses 3 principal divisions including power solutions, print technologies and other industries. With 18 manufacturing sites and over 90 subsidiaries globally, Langley Holdings employs over 5,400 people.

Into its third mobile contract term, Langley Holdings has been a Barclay Communications business mobile customer since 2019. The business operates with over 200 mobiles across all divisions allowing staff to remain connected regardless of their location.


Business challenges

  • Spending & Connectivity

The ability to control data access and spending across the group was important for a company that operates in a number of countries where varying charges apply.

  • Network stability

The business wanted to ensure staff remained connected to each other, suppliers and most importantly, customers, regardless of where in the world they were, therefore good network coverage was essential.

  • Account Management

Managing a telecom account for a large-scale, global organisation can be time-consuming. Adding a dedicated account manager meant staff could focus on their work rather than dealing with telecom queries.

Langley Holding’s has complete control over its telecoms spending and user access to data. A customer portal gives access to make quick and easy changes to users including the ability to add spend caps, spend alerts text messages, data bolt-ons and more

As an independent telecoms provider, Barclay Communications is able to avail of all UK networks, ensuring customers get the best deal that suits their business needs. With Langley Holding’s needing a secure and reliable connection for their staff whilst travelling, the business utilises a multi-network contract allowing them to access different networks throughout their term.

As part of your telecoms package with Barclay Communications, businesses are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to look after their account, manage queries and provide recommendations for improved efficiency.

Helen Regan from Langley Holdings highlights, “We have received excellent service over the term of our contracts with our Account Manager, Gerald, dealing with the account on a day-to-day basis. It has significantly helped reduce the amount of time I have to spend dealing with telecoms queries myself.”

Why Barclay Communications

“My initial impression during our first contract term was good. The staff are very professional and keen to cover our needs and requirements as a diverse group,” says Helen.

“The customer service team are 10 out of 10. Nothing is too much trouble, and they always try to assist when necessary.

“I would recommend Barclay Communications to other businesses looking for a reliable telecoms provider.”