An off-the-hook telephone system that gives you endless flexibility

Hosted VoIP Telephony

Next generation communication from Barclay VoIP’s cloud-based telephone system.

Combine your telecoms to create a fully unified communications solution. Incorporates everything from your standard fixed-line telephone, while introducing you to a new level in cloud-based technology.

Why Choose Barclay Communications?

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Hardware costs when you choose Barclay Communications

30 Days

Average implementation time of a VoIP system


Average Savings on business telecom bills


of UK smartphone users already utilise VoIP apps on their mobile device


Communicate anywhere in the world just like you were in the office.

Linking your office handset to your mobile device, you can make and receive calls from a single device with one number.

One Number. Anywhere

Call Scheduling

Video Calling


Instant Messaging

Conference Calling


Call reporting couldn’t be easier. All your information presented on one platform lets you monitor on hold times, incoming and outgoing calls and much more.

Make better informed business decisions with accurate and live data.

Real-Time Information


Call Forwarding


Call Recording

Hunt Groups


Manage and make changes to your account through our online customer portal.

Add and remove users instantly, create direct dials, hunt groups and much more.

Complete Control.

Cloud Hosted

Customer Portal

360 Management

Present any number

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Success Stories

“Barclay Communications’ Account Management service has been a big benefit. We now have the joy of speaking to a single point of contact who actually takes ownership of any query we might have, and ensures it is seen through to the end.”

“The responsive service Barclay Communications provides has complimented our ability to quickly react to business changes, both from internal and external requests. For instance, if we need any new mobiles or service enhancements we just contact Barclays and they quickly sort it out for us, allowing us to get on with our jobs.”