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Project Description

Returning to Barclay Communications’ service, Airporter’s Director, Niall McKeever explains how his multi-award winning coach company is driving forward with innovative communications technology and Barclay Communications.

About Airporter

A recognised innovator in Northern Ireland public transport, Airporter connects Belfast International and City Airports to Derry and the North West with up to 20 daily departures, 100,000 annual passengers and 1.5 million kms per year.

Drawing inspiration from the airline industry, Airporter and its fleet of 16 custom designed Mercedes Sprinter vehicles focus on delivering high levels of customer service and passenger comfort.

Airporter’s Communication Issues

Niall McKeever from Airporter explains, “Following the streamlining of the airline industry, our business is now focused on technological advances and how we can best serve our customers with ecommerce bookings, remote check-ins and on-board transportainment. It’s a move away from nuts and bolts, to bits and bytes.

Following that philosophy we recently upgraded our fleet’s mobile broadband system, a Wi-Fi service which we pioneered in the industry five years ago. However, the new system needed a complementary network that would provide coverage and connectivity on the route between Derry and Belfast. After testing we knew O2 offered the best service and we needed an O2 provider.

We also wanted to streamline the efficiency of our drivers with a 3-in-1 appliance that would enable them to complete real-time online safety checks every morning, implement passenger check-in procedures, remotely sell tickets at the airport and finally act as an emergency contact phone.”

The Solution

Straight away Barclay Communications were able to identify a more efficient use of Airporter’s communications and while they provided them with the O2 data SIMs they needed for their new Novegen Wi-Fi systems, they were also able to reduce the total number of SIMs the company needed and their costs.

To streamline the drivers’ experience Barclay Communications replaced Airporter’s two device system (an iPad Mini for check-ins, which drivers found quite cumbersome, and an emergency mobile phone) with the iPhone 6 Plus, a 3-in-1 device that would enable drivers to run their safety checks, access the client manifest to check-in passengers and process real-time bookings, plus act as their emergency phone.

The Barclay Communications Decision

Niall continues, “We set standards in our operation that is reflected in all aspects of our business, including the decision to only use Mercedes buses and their servicing package. Therefore when we outsource, we only want to outsource to the best and that is why (after an exploration into other services) we came back to Barclay Communications and the service enhancements they could offer our business.”

Unique about Barclay Communications

Airporter’s Enhanced Capabilities

“In the transport industry compliancy is key and we are heavily legislated by industry regulations. However, with Truck File on the iPhone 6 Plus our drivers are able to conduct real-time walk round checks every morning, which makes us probably one of the most compliant companies in the industry.

At the airports our drivers are on their own, they are the face of the company, the driver and seller of the seats. Now with the iPhone 6 Plus and Wi-Fi access drivers are in continuous control of the entire booking and check-in process; they have the most up-to-date passenger manifest and if a customer books a seat on their mobile as they are collecting their bags, the driver is up-dated and our premier service image is protected.

The iPhone 6 Plus also enables us to plan for the future and our next technological development into a scanner based check-in service, which we will launch this year.”

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Working with Airporter

Joanne McSeveney from Barclay Communications comments, “We‘ve one objective for all our clients: deliver cost-effective technology that enhances their business capabilities. Airporter’s focus in growth through technical communications made our job easy and working with them an absolute pleasure.”