The New iPhone is Coming


Another day, another new iPhone being released. Whether you’re among those excited by the fact that your relatively new iPhone is about to be superseded by an all-singing, all-dancing costly alternative….or firmly in the camp that gives less of a hoot, Apple continues to churn out the new ones.

Apple has a long traditional of scheduling each launch for September and the company isn’t likely to change its plans this time around, so we could be in for a release date as early as next month! Apple usually doesn’t give all that much warning about the date of its events so we might well be in September before when know when the iPhones are coming.


So what can we expect?

There are plenty of rumours around, according to industry watchers, including the fact that there will be three new iPhone X phones in the 2018 line-up. Many of these new devices are set to use Apple’s new 7nm A12 chip as well, so will offer significantly enhanced performance over last year’s models.

One of the biggest factors when deciding whether you’re going to buy the 2018 device is the price. Maybe due to reports of sluggish sales for the premium iPhone X, it is reported that the second generation iPhone X will come in at a more affordable price.

Apple is now testing production processes for their next generation handsets, in a bid to avoid the delays that happened with the iPhone X. If you’re in the market for the 2018 iPhone X, you should be able to buy it fairly promptly.

The Colours

As for iPhone X colours, the silver and space grey we saw on the 2017 models aren’t likely to go anywhere any time soon, but the gold sheen found on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is being tipped to make it to the iPhone X as well this year. That hints at all the 2018 iPhone models being very similar in terms of design this time around. Apple just recently launched red editions of its iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus handsets, to help raise money for AIDS charities, so that might happen again this time around… although the iPhone X has been left out of the red party.

The Battery

The new models might also charge faster, as a separate source claims Apple might pack a fast charger in the box, rather than requiring you to buy one separately.

We’ve now heard that you won’t be able to buy it separately – so if you want Apple’s new fast charger you might have to buy a new device to get it.

The Camera

The iPhone XI might have an even smarter front-facing camera than the previous model, as an Apple patent points to a single-lens camera system that can sense depth as well as a dual-lens one, though this may well not be ready in time for the next handset, if it comes at all.

No one knows exactly what the new iPhone will look like but there are a lot of industry watchers who like to speculate. We will just have to wait and see what Apple comes up with next, but rest assure they will still maintain their Apple customer following with people lining the streets to get their hands on the latest and greatest device.

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