Think Local Press Picture

Joanne McSeveney head of Public Sector Development at Barclay Communications, Nicola Cowan, Rachel McCann and Margaret Haddock, Deputy Chief Executive of The Orchardville Society.

New not-for-profit mobile phone scheme donates profits to local charities.

Today Barclay Communications pledged their support to local charities and the community with the launch of Think Local, a new mobile package that guarantees large savings and donations to local charities.

Think Local is a completely not-for-profit mobile package for charities that donates profits back into the charity and into a Think Local charity fund, which Barclay Communications will use to support a different Northern Ireland based cause every year.

Helping raise donations even further, Think Local also provides charities with mobile affinity deals, which they can offer to their supporters and earn a donation on every deal a supporter signs.

Joanne McSeveney, Head of Public Sector Development at Barclay Communications explains why the company has turned its focus towards the local community.

“Think Local enables us to give back to the local community that helped build Barclay Communications into Northern Ireland’s leading business telecommunications provider. It’s a completely not-for-profit scheme that marks the start of our improved commitment to local charities, the community and the environment.”

Margaret Haddock, Deputy Chief Executive of The Orchardville Society is a keen supporter of the new Think Local scheme.

“It is great to see a local company set up a specific mobile scheme for charities. Receiving a donation is a great payback on what is such an essential cost of our business. I am delighted to note the commitment of a Local Charity Fund, which again will assist many local charities over the coming years. Well done Barclay Communications!”

With Barclay Communications, Northern Ireland’s only O2 Centre of Excellence charities and their supporters will also enjoy local Account Management, free O2 to O2 calls and free calls to ten UK landline numbers.

Although this is a strong package for charities, Barclay Communications were keen to emphasise that this is just the start of Think Local.

McSeveney explains, “While we are currently offering mobile contracts, we have plans to expand Think Local across our landline, IT, web and app design product portfolio.”

“We’ve also partnered with an expert local charity to develop work placement opportunities and skills building schemes, which will enable us to share our in-house expertise with the local community and charities.”

Now in its sixteenth year, the Belfast based business communications company has decided that it is time to re-evaluate its role in Northern Ireland’s community and discover how its resources could provide a positive impact on local lives. For Barclay Communications, the Think Local mobile scheme is just the start of this renewed commitment.