There’s been plenty rumoured about the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 including the removal of the earphone socket, a wireless charging element, better camera and a new blue colour option.

According to Tech radar, and the well-sourced, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg a source revealed that Apple probably won’t debut the updated line of MacBook Pros for the planned Apple event on September 7th. Instead, the purpose of this event will be to launch their next line of iPhones.

It is widely anticipated that Apple will introduce the new iPhone 7 at is big event this Autumn. Apple are expected to launch a larger iPhone 7 Plus and rumours indicate that there will also be an even bigger and more powerful iPhone 7 Pro coming too.

The most notable feature (or lack thereof) will be the removal of the headphone jack. It has not been 100% confirmed that it will be removed but leaked photos and alleged sources have stated that the headphone port will no longer be included on the latest model.

Other rumours on the iPhone 7 include a full 1080p screen, a larger, single-lens camera sensor and possible waterproofing.

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