Communicating Effectively While Working At Home

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. A pretty fitting quote with the current economic situation. Coronavirus (Covid-19) has had everyone looking for new ways to continue to operate their businesses from remote locations i.e. their homes.

Thankfully with 21st century technology, the option of working from home does not need to be the time consuming, impractical thing it once was. The Office of National Statistics reports that 4.2 million employees in total are working remotely, while another report from Regus showed that out of 2,200 business owners, nine tenths of them offered flexi-location working.

One of the most important elements of remote working is staying connected to your colleagues, customers and suppliers in order to keep the business operational. Your telephone system, and how it links to your connections, is undoubtedly essential to the smooth transition of moving from office to kitchen table.

Here’s how a cloud-based telephone system can allow for effective communication during social distancing:

Call Routing

Redirect all your incoming office calls to mobile devices to ensure you are not missing new opportunities and enquiries from customers. With a VoIP cloud based system, creating call diverts and rerouting calls to external devices is really easy and quick to do. Our Product Managers are available to ensure all our customers are set up and ready to go.

WiFi or 4G Remote Working App

Link your office device to your mobile device and take your calls as if you were sitting at your office desk. Gamma’s Collaborate app allows you to make and receive calls through the app which is linked to your company telecoms system. The app also facilitates instant messaging between users, making internal communication much simpler.

Corporate Directory Access

With the mobile app you will have access to your company’s corporate directory with all extensions at the touch of a button. This makes staying connected to your colleagues must easier than having to get everyone’s mobile numbers.

Office Voicemail Access

Customers, colleagues or suppliers may call when you’re not available, therefore accessing your company’s voicemail system is essential to ensure nothing is missed.

Call Recording

Most businesses now have to record their calls for training and monitoring purposes. A major benefit of having employees use the Collaborate app is that every call will take place through the company network and therefore every call will be recorded.

Video Calling & Remote Conferencing

Internal and external meetings will still need to take place so having the ability to video call into a conference with your colleagues, suppliers or customers is extremely important for businesses in order for processes to continue as normal. The mobile app is downloadable to your laptop.

A number of our customers are already using our VoIP system, making the “working from home” transition much easier and employees can continue to do their job from the comfort of their living rooms.

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