If you’re going to buy a new iPhone anytime soon, make it the iPhone 7.

In short, the new phone from Apple boasts:

  • A longer battery life
  • A better camera & dual cameras (7 Plus)
  • Protection against water
  • Phone is available in 32GB, 128GB and a massive 256GB

The Look
The jet black model is a high-gloss model that Apple is using in most of its promotional videos and photos and has a stainless steel Apple logo. Apple have also got rid of the space grey model, instead focusing on the glossy jet black as well as Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black.

Water & Dust resistance
The iPhone 7 is also water and dust resistant to an IP67 standard. This means you can’t exactly take it for a long swim as the highest protection is IP68 but it should be fine up to one metre for up to 30 minutes.

The Camera
The iPhone 7’s stand out feature has to be the new camera system. The iPhone 7 camera has been improved with optical image stabilisation for the first time on a base iPhone model. The iPhone 7 Plus also includes a dual lens set up that improves with two 12MP cameras.

One of the lenses is the usual wide angle lens, with the other a telephoto lens. these cameras combine to create an improved zoom feature. You have the option to choose between 1X and 2X – 2X gives you the effect of a telephoto lens. This is an optical zoom. You can also touch and drag up to 10X zoom, which is a software based zoom but still using the telephoto lens, so you can expect much better results.

Full Device Specifications:


Spec Card


To order your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, contact your Barclay Communications Account Manager or call: 02890 960 366