To help raise awareness and much needed funds for Action Medical Research for Children, several members of the Barclay Communications team will be taking part in 2016’s PLOD Mourne Mountain Challenge.

The PLOD is a grueling 50 km midnight hike that will push our teams to their limits.  This endurance challenge is tough, muddy, painful and a hell of a lot of fun (so we’re told!). Barclay staff from several departments including HR, IT, Sales, Marketing and Account Management will be sacrificing their weekends and spare time to prepare and train for this challenge.

The teams started their first training session of the year on January 23rd with a 10km march through some challenging weather conditions. Team Barclay will be training throughout the months leading up to the PLOD on June 18 2016 and running various fund raising events in the the coming weeks and months.



Mourne Walk Image 2 - Jan 2016

Some of the team catching their breath after reaching the first summit.















Mourne Walk Image 3 - Jan 2016

First trek of the year completed.