With the launch of the iPhone 7, we’ve put together 7 of our favourite tricks and tips that you can do on your iPhone and make life easier (or to show off to your fellow iPhone friends!)


1. Save Battery with Low Power Mode

If you kn9_low_power_mode_thumb800ow you’re going to be using your iPhone for a long time and have no way of charging it then you can switch to Low Power Mode by going to Settings >Battery > Low Power Mode.

The Lower Power mode reduces consumption by turning off a number of iPhone features. Your mail comes through less frequently (push is turned off), ‘Hey Siri’ is turned off, background app refresh is turned off and some visual effects are reduced. The screen also goes darker after a shorter period of time.

Once you charge your phone again, it will notify you that Low Power is being switched off as you have ample battery. This means the phone will revert back to its presets automatically.






2. Save PDF to iBooks10_pdf_ibooks_thumb800

You can turn web pages into PDFs and add them directly to your iBooks app. This can be useful if your reading a particularly lengthy web document or if you’ve found a HTML book online and want to keep a copy of it.

Tap the Share icon > scroll across the app options to find Save PDF to iBooks > Tap it and the webpage will be converted and added to your collection. Simply open up the iBooks app to find your saved PDF.





3. Set up Do Not Disturb mode

4_do_not_disturb_thumb800The Do Not Disturb feature is a perfect way to prevent unnecessary distractions when you’re trying to work, focus on a specific task, in a meeting or trying to get some sleep!

Activate Do Not Disturb by Swiping up from the home screen > Select the crescent moon shaped icon to activate Do Not Disturb. A matching moon icon will appear at the top right of your screen (next to the battery icon) indicating that the Do Not Disturb mode is on. To deactivate, simple repeat the process.

To set DND for a specific time period, you can go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Schedule > Select your time range. You can also have emergency calls and your favorites  still ring through to you regardless if DND is on…Because no one want to miss a call from the other half!








4. Shake to undo

This one will save you time and keep your stress levels low! You’ve just typed a long sentence or message only to mistakenly delete it or some other error. Simply give your iPhone a shake to bring up the undo dialogue box. if you sleect undo, it will return your message back to you. The same goes for deleting a long message, complete the same process, select undo and it will undo the message for you. Simple.

*Disclaimer. Make sure you’ve got a good grip on your iPhone before shaking! 







5. Switch Direction in Panorama mode

panorama_mode_tip_-600x300You can change the direction of your Panorama photograph in the camera by by clicking on the guide arrow that appears in the middle of the screen in the panorama mode. It’s as easy as that!









6. Enable Night Shiftbest_iphone_tricks_-_night_shift_settings_thumb800

Night Shift is a recent feature for iOS devices. It’s a useful feature which dims the white tones of your iphone’s display in order to make it easier on your eyes in low-light conditions.

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift > Then schedule or automatically enable Night Shift. You can also tailor the  colour temperature gauge to your own personal preferences.









7. Use your Compass app as a Spirit Level!

best_iphone_tricks_-_compass_thumb800If you navigate to your Compass app and swipe from right to left, you’ll be presented with a level, allowing you to make sure that bookshelf you’re putting up is straight!

The iPhone’s Gyroscope determines the level of the surface your iPhone is resting on. You can also calibrate it on a flat surface before hand. Simply press and hold down ont he middle of the screen for a few seconds and the device should to the rest.