A simple site bug or lack of intuitive design could be costing your company thousands of pounds in sales each month. Online consumers are shifting their website preferences from the products and promotions offered and instead, focusing on the experience of using the website.
Qubit, a digital experience firm, released a report last week that details the most common complaints with e-commerce sites. The data was compiled from customer feedback on over 400 sites.

Qubit’s  CEO, Graham Cooke recently told Mashable, “It’s so in line with the expectation economy. What we’re seeing here is that customers won’t be influenced by price. Businesses will compete by experience, rather than price.” 

As online consumers shift their preferences to digital experiences, here’s 10 ways your website could be losing out and how best to improve it:


  1. Product range

Common complaints: Lack of choice of products, lack of information about available items, and availability of specific items of brands.

Suggested solutions: Try adding a recommendation engine, a ‘what’s hot’ list, seasonal product listings, or related item cross-selling based on the visitors product search history.


  1. Price

Common complaints: Cost of items, added costs (like delivery and extra taxes), lack of detail on pricing, and currency queries.

Suggested solutions: Offer time dependent offers, target price sensitive demographics with offers, advertise free returns, and test the thresholds for free shipping.


  1. Size

Common complaints: Size conversions can be annoying (from U.K. to U.S. sizes, for instance), customers are unclear about whether sizes are available and what sizes mean.

Suggested solutions: Provide customers with a size guide; assure that you’re stocking a wide variety of sizes, use videos and other media content to give customers an idea of how things will fit.


  1. Functionality

Common complaints: Poor website performance on browser or device, issues with logging in or registering for a site, a lack of additional website features.

Suggested solutions: Acknowledge site problems in a message to customers, provide entertaining pages when your site is down, provide a forum for users to submit feedback on issues, and encourage users to update browsers.


  1. Stock availability

Common complaints: Items displayed for sale aren’t in stock, site doesn’t have the function for customers to check whether items are in stock in stores, and items are unavailable.

Suggested solutions: Let users know how many items are left, offer a ‘notify me when back in stock’ feature, show how many users are looking at a product at any given moment, show a low stock message on landing pages so customers don’t have to go to product pages if the item is out of stock.


  1. Discounts/sale

Common complaints: Few frequent discounts, issues with codes, and incorrect information on discounts and sales.

Suggested solutions: Use A/B testing to optimize your prices based on customer feedback, add a countdown to beginning or end of sale periods, surface customer service details at checkout where the promo boxes are.


  1. Navigation

Common complaints: Customers are unable to find items on the site or use particular features, like ‘wish list.’

Suggested solutions: Encourage users to use the search bar, strip your pages to be minimal and easy-to-navigate, use industry standard icons on your site.


  1. On-site navigation

Common complaints: Inability to search specific topics, irrelevant search results, insufficient or unclear filtering.

Suggested solutions: Make the search bar easy to find, offer product recommendations for searches that turn up no results, highlight search filter options.


  1. Images

Common complaints: The number and variety of photos for a given product, the size and quality of images, and issues with images when browsing a site on a device other than a laptop.

Suggested solutions: Add video content, add a quality zoom function, provide relevant images for every product, show both flat shots and model shots for products.


  1. Errors and bugs

Common complaints: Browser or errors specific to device, issues with site functionality, issues loading pages.

Suggested solutions: Test your site across platforms and devices, notify your customers when there are issues, test website redesigns.


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