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Why is Mobile Device Management Important?

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the role of enabling IT to control the securing, monitoring, integrating and managing of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops in the workplace. It’s a necessity for all companies; small, medium and large, who have a mobile workforce and are conscious about data leaks. The purpose of MDM is to optimise the functionality and security of mobile devices within the workplace, whilst also protecting the corporate network and any corporate data that has been downloaded or synced to the mobile device.

GDPR Compliance

Without a successful security strategy in place, an organisation could suffer the financial, regulatory and reputational consequences that follow a serious data-security breach, with penalties resulting in fines of up to 4% of an organisation’s global annual turnover or €20M, whichever is higher. In reality, litigation will probably be taken by large groups of aggrieved EU citizens of specific organisations that fought the GDPR articles, and quasi class actions could result in damages much higher than €20M. As an IBM Direct Partner, Barclay Communications have been providing the MaaS360 solution to our customers, working side by side to ensure GDPR compliance.

MaaS 360 Mobile Device Management very important for helping organisations move towards GDPR compliance. The solutions it offers play a crucial part in combatting the challenges listed above and helping to ensure that the management, security and compliance of your confidential data is under control. This makes MDM an important component of any GDPR compliance program, as it can help by enabling you to secure, manage and protect mobility with ease.

Our Solution

Barclay Communications offer a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, with a free additional Mobile Threat Management (MTM) solution. This means that not only are our customer’s devices encrypted and protected from data leaks, but the Mobile Threat Management solution delivers an antivirus element that is vital to ensuring that devices are safe and GDPR compliant.

What is MaaS360?


Quickly and easily take control of your mobile devices, gain visibility of all your IOS, MacOS, Android and windows devices from a single portal.

MaaS360 & Apple MDM Security

Whether using iPhones, iPads, Macs, or a combination of the three, MaaS360 gives you and your employees the power to embrace these endpoints securely and productively, no matter the use case.

MaaS360 & Android MDM Security

IBM MaaS360 works closely with Google to protect devices using the Android OS beyond their native capabilities, giving end-users everything, they require without sacrificing security.


Gain Insight into your devices, operating systems, perform actions from Remote wipe, to controlling apps and device functions, Setup policies to aid with deployment and integration to your corporate network, disable hardware that can protect against Data level leaks, deploy your own apps and bring peace of mind by monitoring device location and browsing history

Key Features

Mobile Threat Management

Minimise the risks from mobile Malware and devious devices

Todays business need to follow industry standards, IT and security advisers cannot risk downtime, cost or potential loss of customer data and trust that result from a Malware attack on a device.  These attacks come without warning and can be devastating in there impact.  Having a solution in place on your mobile device helps to maintain a high level of security and protection, mitigating these threats. Administrators can set compliance rules to automate how devices receive definition updates to ensure the devices are fully protected. Alerts can be set to notify key admins and the end user should a threat be detected and action performed to remove the suspicious item or action.

MTM can Detect and remediate device based threats, Protect against app & content-based threats and respond to network based threats keeping the device compliant and safe to use.

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