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Protect your devices from viruses and threats with McAfee Multi-Access

McAfee Multi Access protects you against viruses, spam, malware and identity theft making sure your documents and customer data are safe. It covers all types of devices, except Windows Phones and BlackBerry smartphones. So not only is your PC safe but so is your smartphone and tablet (note, Windows Phone 8 isn’t supported).

You can have all this from just £3 a month

Just one subscription can protect your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. It’s easy to add devices whenever you need to. With online management, you can look after all your devices and passwords from one place. You will have total protection from viruses and threats and be able to search, shop and bank online with peace of mind. McAfee warns you if a website is untrustworthy before you enter. You can even create profiles for staff or children, controlling what they can see online. It works on all browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. It even covers iPhone’s and iPad’s too.

A single McAfee Multi Access subscription covers up to five devices

Keeping your customers safe too

Passing viruses onto your clients or suppliers can be a bit embarrassing. That’s why McAfee Multi Access scans everything you send. It removes the worry of losing customers’ information. With McAfee it’s encrypted and locked with a password.

A better way to manage your passwords

Having different passwords is good practice, but they can be hard to remember. They can sometimes lead to more worries about hacking. With McAfee you create one master password to securely log in to all your others. And it’s synced across all your devices.

You can auto-populate usernames and passwords to save time too. Important apps like banking can be locked with a pin as well for extra security.

How much does it cost?

We’re offering rolling monthly contracts from just £3 a month. This covers the first 5 devices. Then any extra ones you want to add are just £1 a month each.

For more information on McAfee Multi Access contact Digital Services on 028 9096 0366 or