Barclay Bytes Launches on the cover of Business Eye Barclay Communications launches Barclay Bytes, an integrated IT and mobile support service.

Barclay Bytes sees Barclay Communications reinvent its IT sector with a new offering that uniquely combines mobile and IT support into one comprehensive service covering not only PC, server, cloud and mobile support, but also free Mobile Device Management and Office 365 subscriptions.

“We’re well aware that a lot of businesses and individuals struggle with the technology that surrounds them. Buying, supporting and securing technology can be a complex business,” says Barclay Communications Managing Director, Britt Megahey.

“With Barclay Bytes we’ve stripped away the technology jargon and kept it simple…. our new and existing customers simply buy the IT support hours they need and that’s it….their mobiles to servers we’ll then be supported and monitored by Barclay Bytes ….. and we’ve also added one year’s free Mobile Device Management and Office 365 as part of the bargain.” he says.

“Traditional business IT is increasingly going mobile and since we offer both services it makes a whole lot of sense for us to support and protect both with one package and cost. We don’t specify a length of contract, the service only expires once all the support hours are used up and it can be quickly reinstated with the purchase of another block of IT support hours.”

The new IT service is available throughout Northern Ireland and across the UK, delivered by Barclay Communications’ dedicated team of Microsoft certified technicians, a team that is likely to see growth within the year.

Key aspects of the new Barclay Bytes IT and mobile support service are:

– PC and server support

– Mobile and tablet support

– One year’s free Mobile Device Management

– One year’s free Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft’s cloud-based mobile platform)

– 24/7 server monitoring

– Regular technology health and security checks