Now into our second working week of 2016, Christmas and New Year seems nothing more than a distant memory. As we start to gain momentum again, here are our top 5 business apps that will help you save time, money and even the odd headache in 2016!


1. Box

What is it for?
Box is cloud storage and collaboration app from O2 that allows users to share and store documents online. It makes sharing and collaborating easy both inside and outside the company.


How will it help me?

  • Easy to use. You can start uploading, downloading and sharing files on Box with no training required. Say goodbye to sending large files via email!
  • Helps you do more. The Box app is available on all your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, lets you access all your important files and documents virtually anywhere in the world and allows you to collaborate on the same document with your team, at the same time. No more duplicate documents
  • Saves money. There’s no need to invest in your servers. The Box app hosts your documents in the cloud, so you don’t have to pay out for storage on-site.
  • Grows with you. The Box app scalable and highly secure meaning you can add more users when you need to and have peace of mind that your documents and files are stored securely.

What does it cost?
Box starts from just 11p per day (£3.50 per month) and allows you to scale up when you need to.
You can read more about Box here


2. McAfee Multi-Access


What is it for?
Protecting your mobile devices against viruses, spam, malware, identity theft and making sure your documents and customer data are safe. With Android devices known to be more at risk against untrustworthy apps from Google Play Store, McAfee is a must have app to protect your phone and your data.



How will it help me?

  • Protection against malware attacks. We now live and work in a time where hacking and malware attacks are on the increase and, sadly, part of everyday life. The consequences can be disastrous; loss of data, loss of customer confidence, loss of revenue. Robust protection can help you keep the attackers at bay and protect your business, its data and your customers’ data. A single subscription of McAfee can protect all your devices from desktops, Macs, smartphones and tablets.
  • Flags untrustworthy websites. The app also warns you if a website is untrustworthy before you enter. You can even create profiles for staff or children, controlling what they can see online.
  • Stops spam and phishing emails. There’s nothing worse than opening your mailbox on a Monday morning filled with spam emails. McAfee protects against unwanted emails and also encrypts your data for added protection.
  • Find, Lock or Wipe your mobile data. If your smartphone is lost or stolen you can lock it, find it or wipe it. You can even take a picture of the person trying to open it, send them a message or make the device scream.
  • Keeps your customers safe. Passing viruses onto your customers or suppliers can be embarrassing. The McAfee Multi-Access app scans everything you send and remove the worry of losing customers’ information.

What does it cost?
McAfee starts from just 10p per day (£3.00 per month) on a rolling contract and covers 5 devices. If you need to add more devices then it is just £1 a month each.
You can read more about McAfee Multi Access here


3. Just Call Me


What is it for?

A Conference calling app without the premium number and costs



How will it help me?

  • It could save you a ton of money! There’s no premium numbers associated with Just Call Me. Other conferencing apps such as webex start from £15 per month whereas Just Call Me is £5 per month for 5000 minutes, saving you £120 per year!
  • Saves you time. There are no pins or passwords to remember which means no more confused staff and customers asking you to resend login details.
  • Conference call anywhere. As the app uses your mobile number, you can make conference calls virtually anywhere at anytime, saving you time and helping you get more done.

What does it cost?
£5 per month for 5000 minutes, saving you £120 per year! There’s no extra fee to host a call.You can have up to 20 people on a call.
You can read more about Just Call Me here



4. Office 365


What is it for?

Probably the most recognised and popular business app on the market right now, Office 365 gives businesses secure, cloud-based access to documents, email, contacts and shared calendars.


How will it help me?

  • No upfront costs. Unlike previous Microsoft software products, there’s no upfront fee with this app. It’s paid for on a simple monthly subscription basis, turning your once capital expense into an operational expense.
  • Work anywhere, anytime. With a subscription, you can work from home, in the office, on the road, at a conference, in your hotel room, virtually anywhere.
  • Dedicated Support. Each Office 365 licence can be used on up to 5 PC’s, Macs, tablets and on any smartphone. You also get access to a dedicated support team whenever you need it.
  • Business Class E-mails. You also get Business-class email and shared calendars with 50GB of storage per user and the ability to send attachments up to 25MB. It comes with the latest anti-spam and anti-malware and the option to customise inboxes.

What does it cost?
Office 365 starts at £3.10 per user/per month for Business Essentials, £7.00 per user/per month for Office 365 Business and £7.80 per month/per user for Office 365 Business Premium. For more information on pricing visit the Office 365 page here


5. TU Go


What is it for?
TU Go is a free app that lets you use your O2 number on smartphones, tablets and laptops.


How will it help me?

  • No battery, signal or service? No problem! If you run out of battery, have no signal or your phone is out of action, you can use the free TU Go app to use your mobile number on other smartphones, laptops and tablets. Simply sign in and use the Wi-Fi to call, text and pick up visual voicemails on up to 5 devices. The person you are calling doesn’t even need to have the app.
  • Sync Contacts. Pull your contacts into TU Go form Google or Microsoft Exchange.
  • Make more over Wi-Fi. Even if there’s no signal or you’ve left your phone back at the office, TU Go makes your number work over Wi-Fi.
  • You’re in the driving seat. Set TU Go to work how you want it to. Turn calls, SMS or voicemail on or off whenever you want. You can set it up so it only works when you’ve got no signal, or it can always be on in the office and off at home.
  • Avoid roaming charges when you’re abroad. You can use TU Go to connect to Wi-Fi when you’re abroad and call home at standard UK rates. International calls will be charged at your standard rate from the UK.

What does it cost?
It’s Free!
You can read more about TU Go here


For any questions or inquiries about these business apps, contact us on E-Mail: or Call: 028 9096 0366