Finding the right IT support for your business can be a stressful and tiring task. How do you know who will provide the right cover to protect your business? What should you be looking for when considering a provider? Although requirements for each business will differ, there are some areas in which businesses, especially SMBs, should consider when opting for an IT support provider.


  1. Machines purchased from a different supplier

There are many IT support companies that offer great rates and dedicated support however hold you to ransom when it comes to purchasing new machines. Whether it is your laptops, servers, desktops, phones or tablets, many providers will not support these devices unless you purchase from them. In some cases, many of these machines are reconditioned rather than new which means they’ve seen better days!

Why does this matter? Well, having a machine that has been reconditioned will, inevitably, require more TLC. The result? More of your contracted support hours being wasted on a reconditioned machine! You then have to spend your precious (and budgeted!) support hours on support for a machine your provider sourced and sold you. There are many IT support providers who now offer support across all your devices, regardless of where you purchased them from. You simply purchase the IT support hours required and buy more if you need to or carry over your remaining hours to the next year.


  1. Mobile devices

We’re living and working in the digital area. Your office is now in the palm of your hand. Smartphones and tablets have allowed us to check our e-mails while at a conference in Barcelona or collaborate with the team on an important document while travelling for a client pitch in London. With mobile usage overtaking traditional desktops and mobile devices interconnected with your e-mails, files, contacts and calendars, your IT support needs to be covering these crucial pieces of business equipment. Many providers shy away from managing mobile devices as it’s an area they are not familiar with. When evaluating IT support, make sure you’re getting the right support from a provider who and has a track-record of managing and supporting mobile devices as part of their IT support service.


  1. Flexibility

The problem with many IT providers is that they lock you into 2-3 year contracts for IT support with set support hours that you must purchase and use by the end of each year. When revaluating providers, ensure you are being offered a flexible solution that suits your needs.

Nowadays you can have dedicated support based on your business requirements, rather than the provider’s needs. By purchasing support hours in blocks of hours that you require, you can manage your IT budgets more effectively, top up the support (penalty free) if you need to and roll the support hours over to the next year if you don’t use them. Some providers even sell support hours based on a per-project basis. This means if you do not require support but have an upcoming IT refresh, you can purchase support hours on an ad hoc basis to help with the migration. Again, this means no annual contract or having to purchase equipment exclusively from one supplier.


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