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Project Description

Michael Gray and Susan McBrien of indoor environmental consultancy Coral Environmental explain how WorkPal, Barclay Communications’ mobile workflow management solution, has transformed their business and enhanced the service they offer to their clients.

Coral Environmental

Working across all sectors throughout the UK and Ireland, Coral Environmental has over 20 years’ experience in providing a number of services from complete Legionella Management and Water Treatment to Asbestos surveying and Air Quality assessments.

Barclay Communications and WorkPal

Barclay Communications has over 18 years’ experience in business communications and is recognised as a local expert in mobile, landline, IT, web design and
more recently software development with WorkPal, their flagship solution for mobile workflow management, reporting, tracking and invoicing.

Coral Environmental’s Job Management Challenges

Michael explains: “We were drowning in paperwork and a huge amount of time was being spent on administration, so much so that we needed to recruit another administrator. Our paper-based system and job management process was not as professional or efficient as it could have been. Our field workers travel the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland and effectively, they could travel for up to two weeks before having the opportunity to come into the Belfast office to hand over paperwork, specifically job sheets. As a result, jobs were not being processed quickly enough, which meant that invoices were not being sent out promptly. The reporting that we were able to provide to clients was also limited. Job ownership, accountability and traceability were also additional issues of concern.” Barclay Communications approached Coral Environmental offering a more effective job management system that would be easy to manage, save time, increase efficiency and professionalism and eliminate the chance of error.

The WorkPal Solution

Barclay Communications supplied Coral Environmental with WorkPal, their end-to-end job management system, which they also opted to integrate into their accountancy package, QuickBooks. WorkPal now enables Coral Environmental to send job details to a field worker’s mobile app, which they use on- site to complete documentation, take pictures, capture clients’ signatures and more. Once a job is completed, all the information is synced back to the office, invoices can be generated, job histories are created and recurring work is automatically scheduled.


Benefits of moving to WorkPal

Susan comments: “We were excited about what WorkPal could do for us, but thought it would be laborious and difficult to implement, with endless hours of data entry. On the contrary, moving to WorkPal was a smooth process, practically seamless. We have now gone almost completely paperless, which has freed up a great deal of administration time. WorkPal has sped up our workflow management process, enabling us to process jobs faster, thus allowing for quicker invoicing. Our field workers are now spending more time on the road and less time in the office looking after paperwork. With real-time readings of where our field workers are, we are also able to plan our jobs more effectively. The flexibility with WorkPal is great as we are able to tailor the system to meet our specific requirements. Our staff love how WorkPal saves them time and is so easy to use. Our customers love it too, as now we can present all their information in one tidy document and they don’t have to go searching for information. What our customers receive now is night and day compared to what they got before WorkPal. ”

Impact and RoI of WorkPal

Michael explains: “WorkPal has made us more professional and efficient; it is the single best investment that we have made as a company to date. In the first year alone we have saved £15k-£20k from not needing to recruit an additional member of staff. It is also starting to generate extra revenue for
us now, as with job sheet recommendations we are now able to quote much more. I cannot recommend WorkPal enough.