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For the Second year running Barclay Communications secures its place on the Government’s Digital Framework. Endorsed as a trusted public sector supplier, the company continues to show its level of experience in the digital communications industry and dedication to exceed customer expectations.

Established in 2012, the Digital Framework is designed to provide public sector bodies with a single marketplace where they can source approved digital products and services such as Barclay Communications innovative converged mobile solution and its Workflow Management Software. The company has over 20 years’ experience in providing communication solutions to the UK and Ireland, and after steady success and growth with private sector businesses, Barclay Communications felt the public sector should have the opportunity to gain the benefits of their product and services.

Barclay Communications, which was established in 1997, has seen extensive growth in its 21 years of business. Starting from a single mobile phone shop in Larne, it now serves 65,000 connections across the UK and Ireland. Its digital products incorporate all elements of communication technology from its unique converged mobile solution that puts the control and choice back into the hands of the customer to a Workflow Management Software that streamlines business processes.

Barclay Communications boasts a range of IT and digital services which are all available on the Government Framework. WorkPal, a sister company also on the Government Framework, is a mobile and desktop application designed and developed in-house to streamline a company’s workflow process. It offers a range of features including job management, tracking, reporting and invoicing and provides businesses with the ability to

As a continued public sector supplier Barclay Communications has the opportunity to present its offering to a range of public sector bodies including schools, universities, police and fire services, NHS hospitals, administrations and agencies. The framework enables approved suppliers and buyers a transparent environment where availability, stock and pricing is readily available. Businesses have the opportunity to develop new trading partnerships and tender for public sector projects with a clear and open purchasing process. Furthermore, time constraints and different office hours for international trade are no longer issues as it’s possible to operate on a round the clock basis.

Britt Megahey, Managing Director of Barclay Communications, said:

“Local government and wider public sector organisations are at the front-line of public service delivery. We have developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing these organisations currently and how it’s imperative for them to have access to the right technology and digital capability to ensure that there are innovative digital services available to all.

“The Digital Marketplace enables us to engage directly with organisations across the whole of the UK and offer unique solutions that drive efficiencies and enable these organisation’s transformational programmes.

“Combining all these services through one trusted partner and giving our customers the highest level of customer service is always at the centre of everything we do at Barclay Communications.

Britt continued:

“It’s a huge achievement that Barclay Communications and WorkPal have been awarded supplier status on this new Government Framework, helping to cut down procurement time with this faster and easier to use service. Buyers no longer need to carry out lengthy tender processes as the frameworks on the Digital Marketplace are fully compliant with procurement regulations.

“We are delighted to be part of the government’s vision for a digital future and look forward to engaging with public sector customers from all parts of the UK.

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