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The Future is 5G


The Future is 5G 5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. Combining cutting-edge network technology and the very latest research, 5G should offer connections that are multitudes faster than [...]

The Future is 5G2018-08-03T16:39:30+01:00

Our Staff Reach for the Skies for Charity


Our Staff Reach for the Skies for Charity How amazing did our girl do? Last month Melissa Patton jumped out of a plane 13,000 ft in the air. This definitely proves that she is mad but it was also for a great cause. Mel raised an amazing £760 for Lighthouse Charity [...]

Our Staff Reach for the Skies for Charity2018-07-17T13:03:06+01:00

Must-Have Business Apps


Must-Have Business Apps In the office? Airport? Coffee shop? No matter where you are or what you are doing, business never stops. And this couldn’t be truer in today’s society as people are constantly connected to the business world. Whether that involves checking your emails, conferencing calling or managing your day to day [...]

Must-Have Business Apps2018-07-02T15:45:53+01:00

iOS vs Android: Which is best?


iOS vs Android: Which is best? In the market for new business mobiles? There’s a very high chance that whatever device you choose they will run on either Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems. In 2017 these two platforms accounted for 99.7% of all new smartphones and that number is set to [...]

iOS vs Android: Which is best?2018-06-06T14:05:42+01:00

Improve Your Mobile Storage


Improve your Mobile Storage You pull out your phone to take a photo and get an error message because you have no space for the image. Running out of mobile storage —with no memory left for photos or videos, new apps, or data for your existing apps—can be frustrating. A disaster to [...]

Improve Your Mobile Storage2018-05-24T15:57:37+01:00

7 Symptoms You Have Mobile Malware


7 Symptoms You Have Mobile Malware It’s easy to forget that the device in your pocket isn’t just a phone. It’s a computer millions of times more powerful than the systems used for the moon landings in 1969. Yet as of May 2016, 81 percent of the UK population has a smartphone - [...]

7 Symptoms You Have Mobile Malware2018-05-21T14:03:11+01:00

Including Mobile Devices In Your GDPR Strategy


Are You GDPR Compliant? A hot topic of the year has no doubt been with the General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR). As of 25th May 2018, businesses must make sure they comply with a strict new set of rules surrounding data protection and retention. Failure to comply with these new rules can see [...]

Including Mobile Devices In Your GDPR Strategy2018-05-21T10:22:08+01:00

Running, Walking, Crawling for Suicide Prevention


The Barclay Communications and WorkPal staff have pulled together to run a total of 78.6 miles all in aid of suicide and self harm prevention. 15 of our fantastic employees will take part in the Belfast City Marathon relay race on Monday 7th May 2018. Our chosen charity? PIPS - a suicide and self harm [...]

Running, Walking, Crawling for Suicide Prevention2018-04-11T16:54:36+01:00